Lipton Tapal War Goes Viral – Other Brands also Takes Advantage

These days there’s a controversy about the two famous teas of Pakistan, both are renowned teas that are passing through an advertisement war. However, the lipton tapal war was started by the yellow label’s tea in which a famous television actor of Pakistan named Hamaza Ali Abbasi simply named the tapal’s tea “Danedar” and promote their brand by degrading tapal.

Then the next war started by the tapal and they just named their label “Yellow Label” degrade the other brand while promoting it. The next ad was appeared by tapal again and they make a dummy person to degrade Lipton’s Hamza Ali Abbasi’s getup with big curly hair in the similar dress that he wore in the first advertisement.

The lipton tapal war goes viral when people started promoting their brands by taking advantage of their advertisements. Here are some of the examples that people used to promote their brands.

Jiddar Newspaper used to promote their paper and said “you have to start the day with our newspaper no matter what tea you take”.


Classic Biscuit by Lu tried to promote their cookies and said, “no matter which tea you take our cookies taste is unbeatable”.

Classic by Lu

Everyday the famous milk brand takes advantage of lipton tapal war and said, “their everyday milk make it special, no matter what tea brand you are being used”.


When it comes to cake there’s another famous brand named Cup kake also put themselves in the other brand’s war.


A wood brand also take part in this advert war and said, “no matter which tea you use but you will put it on our table”.

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This one is totally irrelevant but they make it interesting by saying, “no matter which tea stains you have on your shirt but our washing powder will remove all kind of stains”.


All above examples shows that our advertisement companies knows how to put their nose in others’ business and just give it an interesting try to promote their brands by using lipton tapal war.

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