How to Do Your Makeup Step by Step Easy Guide

If you are not aware with different makeup looks don’t need to worry about. No doubt makeup is an art and it require practice but here are some useful makeup ideas and a step by step guide to get a glossy look. Follow under given makeup tips and tricks.

makeup tips and tricks

Step 1

If you are looking for useful makeup ideas you must use a good face cleaner for face washing. Once you will done the face wash it must be get rid of dead skin, oil, dirt and blackheads. This is all possible with a quality face cleaner.

Step 2

After face wash start applying moisturizer and it must be fit with your skin type. For dry skin choose tick cream, for normal skin choose hydrating and for oily skin choose water based moisturizer.

Step 3

Once you done with moisturizing start making a foundation and this is one of the important makeup tip to use a good quality foundation for longer results.

Step 4

Choose the good quality foundation will give you flawless skin that will not be affected by discoloration and blemishes. In order to get the right shade apply the foundation on your cheek in natural daylight color. You can ask a professional to help you for best makeup.

Always use the foundation brush to apply foundation perfectly and make it smooth using your figures under your eyes and down to your neck. Don’t use it to add color or completely cover blemishes.

makeup step by step guide

Step 5

For good bridal make a good concealer can play a vital role and it must be selected as per your skin tone. Don’t choose the one that is lighter or darker. If you are going to choose the perfect concealer it ensures you the right color.

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Apply concealer on the redness of your skin using a small brush and stipple it to the dab. Don’t forget to conceal the dark circles under the eyes and it will happen when you apply concealer in triangle shape.

Step 6

Use the setting powder for concealer and use the mineral powder dab it on the concealed on different parts of your face you can also use the stippling brush for this makeup tips

Step 7

Choose the bronzer that should not be too dark and it must match with your skin color you can use an angled hard brush for bronzer applying. You can make your face look slimmer by applying bronzer in the hollow of cheeks.

Step 8

Lastly it’s time to apply the eye makeup first makes your eye shadow it will give you a natural eye color>    Curl your lashes. Curl your eyes for about 15 seconds on each side.

Step 9

Moisturize your lips by smearing chopstick. Use a lip textbook to fill up any crinkles and smear a lip lining, shadowed by put on a blush in the same hue as the lip liner and surface with a gloss if you poverty a sleek look.


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